An Ecclesiastical Grace

Last Sunday, we said goodbye (in part) to the local church where we have worshiped, fellowshipped, served, and been richly blessed the last three years. We thank God for Winnetka Bible Church. We love its deep commitment to the Bible (It's not the church's middle name for nothing!) and its passion for missions throughout its 111-year history. We love the people we have come to know there, through whom, by God's grace, we have come to know Christ and the Gospel better. We rejoice in God's marvelous providence on this congregation, preserving it through very dark days not so long ago, providing renewal in its life and leadership, filling it with new members and families, and, now, adding two more gospel-loving pastors to its staff. We love you, WBC! It is a humbling honor to be sent out by you in the Lord. As we know that you pray for us, know that we, with joy, pray for you.


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