We have an invitation for you. Will you prayerfully consider joining us on our mission? You see, for the Martin family to go on mission for Christ in the Cape, we need a small army of partners here, supporting us prayerfully and financially. Through partnership with us, you can have a gospel impact on pastors and churches on the other side of the world, for God's glory and your joy!


Prayerfully: Please pray for us! We feel deeply our need for God’s people faithfully interceding for us in Christ. And we are energized when you tell us that you are praying! Sign up for our newsletter on the right to receive updates and prayer requests from our family. We would love for this prayer partnership to be mutual, as you also send us your requests.


Financially: You can also give financially to our monthly need or our one-time outfit and passage cost. Go to and look for the ‘Give Monthly' button or the option below it for 'Automatic Giving.' Or scroll down to find the 'Make a Support Commitment,' an option that allows you to schedule the start of your giving for when we reach the field. Our missionary number is 017000. If you have any questions, let me know.


Perhaps, as you consider these matters, you would be interested in hearing more about our mission.  It would be a pleasure to sit down with you and share! We are loving the ministry opportunities of this pre-field time. Please email us at


We trust that God will provide where He guides.