Still’s Conviction

William Still pastored the same church in Aberdeen for over fifty years (1945-1997) and led a Bible-preaching reformation in the nation of Scotland and beyond. Over the course of his ministry, he was a pastor of other pastors, among whom was Sinclair Ferguson. Ferguson describes Still as having "a deep sense of calling to the ministry of the word, and intense conviction that this was the key to everything in the life of the church." This conviction rippled through the ministries of men like Ferguson whom Still mentored.

Here's a taste of it from Still's little book for ministers, The Work of the Pastor: 

"There is no greater or better way to make an impact than by sounding forth the Word of God and bringing people under its life-changing and character-transforming power. The reverberations of such a ministry extend further and further, and the ramifications of its influence spread farther abroad than we ever dreamed of--and all without thought on our part or attempt at publicity, self-aggrandizement or self-justification."

Then he presses it home:

"Do get my point which is, that if the hope of the world is Christ, it is Christ in all the Scriptures, and that hope can only be fulfilled by men pouring out the riches of Christ's saving grace upon the Lord's people through the Scriptures."

Oh, that God would raise up pastors with this kind of robust, whole-Bible, gospel-rich, Christ-centered preaching conviction among the churches of South Africa! Even though they be few, how far reaching their impact could be, because of the Word's wondrous sufficiency.


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